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Testing laserworld PRO 1600

Laserworld pro 1600 test video

PRO 1600 RGB 3D Laserworld TEST

Geplaatst door Rgb Laser Verkoop Lasershow op zaterdag 20 mei 2017

Tarm 4 test


Geplaatst door Rgb Laser Verkoop Lasershow op vrijdag 19 mei 2017



Joost Aalberts – TARM 4 laser

New TARM projectors

New TARM projectors what a beautys

Geplaatst door Rgb Laser Verkoop Lasershow op dinsdag 16 mei 2017

New Ministar price list









Download price list in PDF

New MINISTAR website







Ministar laser website:

Ministar 1, 2, 4, and 6W test video

New ministar lasers testing





Ministar is growing

MINISTAR LASER is a company which came originally from China as mainland. When the MINISTAR lasers were discovered in The Netherlands, it went quick. MINISTAR came within a few months famous in Europe by the possibility of shipping the MINISTAR lasers from China to Europe and more with the motto: selling it from the factory with the lowest price possible. During the high-quality products made in China, and the low price of designing and developing the lasers, the lasers can be shipped world-wide with an amazing low price.









The company “Ministar Laser Technologies Co., Ltd” is based on 7 employees, spread over the world. Five of the employees are engineers who are designing, testing and developing the lasers in China. Two of them are in charge of the sale and of the design aswell. The lasers are being sold in the European Union first, but during the big requests the lasers are being sold worldwide. MINISTAR is not just ‘one’ small laser. In total, MINISTAR covers a range of lasers with different specifications and power levels.